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Doom 4 Full Walkthrough - Nightmare Difficulty - All Collectibles - No Commentary

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Today i finished my Doom 4 walkthrough. I enjoyed the game very much. For me, it is the best FPS game since Half Life 2 came out twelve years ago. Level design is great (my favorite levels are Foundry and Argent Facility), combat fast and exciting and Mick Gordon put together another awesome soundtrack (if you didnt know, same guy composed Wolfenstein: The New Order soundtrack.)

Anyway, if you want to check out my walkthrough, here are some details:

Difficulty: Nightmare
Video Quality: 1080p , 60 FPS
Complete game walkthrough with no commentary. Played on ultra graphic settings. All Collectibles (Collectible action figures, Data Logs, Elite Guards, Field Drones, Argent Cells, Secrets and Automaps) will be picked up. All Rune Trials and Mission Challenges will be completed. You can read all new Codex entries at the end of the video.



Hope you enjoy:)

Thanks and have a good day!

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Nice Video, it's fun to watch Doom on ultra. I see your used to long jumping as well. Do you think it makes a difference in Doom'16? I'll watch more later. Thanks for sharing.

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