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Russian Space Marine move to US, need support

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actually I'v always heard southerners were far kinder then us assholes up here In MI, And this is coming from people that have been in and lived in the south. Just wanted to throw that out there, I'm looking for a place for Andrey right now, I'm sure Ill find something, I'v got to work faster as he'll be in the states by the 22nd, if anyone wants to help me find a decent place for him to rent ya'll are free to help.

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As a recipient of "Southern hospitality" I can tell you that there is an abundance of little social niceties like saying "please" and "thank you" a lot and generally being polite, but underneath the saccharine veneer can be some pretty harsh judging, especially if the person involved doesn't like you for whatever reason.

Anyone tells you "bless your heart," they're not paying you a compliment.

Not to say this is universal among the South, but it's definitely a culturally pervasive trait.

tl;dr South is more polite, more quietly judgmental/North is ruder but more up-front


Has Andrey decided on a region or state? Because he might do well in Cincinnati (and yes, I'm largely proposing this as a sort of way to smooth over this stupid fight, which I'm sick of. Cincinnati pretty much sits on the borderline, culturally and geographically.)

Here: Lots of places, and you can generally expect to have a decent place to live for relatively cheap. Just stay out of Westwood, it's pretty much chaos. I'd recommend against anything too far west from I-75 anyway if you have a job anywhere near the city core.

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But dethtoll, pumksicans, I'm not angry at you. I would have hoped you'd have learned to understand tone by now. Don't worry tho, I can help you with that. You see, when people are angry, they don't make self-deprecating jokes, especially not about stuff like their manhood or cumming too early for a circle jerk that hasn't happened yet. I'm not angry at all with you; I'm having fun with you. I'm being rude because that's the way you interact with other people and one important facet of succeeding socially in life is to talk to people in a way they can relate to. If I was angry, I'd bring up something from another thread, like "how come before when we leveled on something I was a good person, but now I'm sanctimonious?" (and yet people in the South are more judgemental, hehe).

Btw, southerners are more polite because of something called tact and are no more judgemental than folk up North. I didn't always live in the South; it's not my heritage. "Bless your heart" is a compliment which is mainly said to people who are doing something tough, which requires and shows heart; it can be good or bad. Like if you were training to run a marathon / studying to be a doctor, or if you were trying to mow the grass in the rain / take on the world by yourself. Yes, "bless your heart" dethtoll. Shame that your brain isn't in the right place, but your heart is. Does that help to define it?

I know I can be hard to understand sometimes, as I switch from being partly serious to joking, but this brings me to a question I have to ask, and please do not take this offensively as this is a serious question: I notice that you are getting very angry about this and the more I think about it, the worse I feel because I'm not sure that you don't want to understand, but that you are not capable and it has me worried a bit, so I really would like to know if you have autism. If so, I'm sorry for messing with you. Your views are incorrect, but I think your heart is in the right place. I urge you to gather your own information by actually living in the South before coming to pre-conceived conclusions.

Either way though, if you do wish to continue this, PM me here, get on an irc and pm me there, or we could just handle this in the traditional Doom fashion and duel out our differences ;D

Also, oops on the two-week old statement, heh. You caught me not looking at timestamps.

On topic: best of luck to you Andrey; sorry for shitting up the thread. I'm sure you're thinking "We don't need your civil wahuwah, hay, hay, hayhay yeah. Knock Knock knockin' on heaven's doo--" wait a minute, that's the wrong song, hehe. Seriously, if you do plan to visit/stay in VA: definitely do write. Always cool meeting other Doomers and like I said, there are a few of us down here and the couple I've met have been pretty cool.

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Hahahahahahaha you calling me angry hahahahahahahaha laughing at one big gag.

Seriously, shut up and stop shitposting -- and if you're going to apologize for shitposting, try not shitposting in the same post.

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I think you misunderstood me again, but I thank you for answering my question. So... is that a "yes" to the duel?

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he wants to go anywhere close to a cdl school, that doesn't need credit,work history, basically a cash up front place. I'm looking at kalamazoo MI for him right now as it would be easier for me to talk to these people by calling and asking, and once he gets here I can also help him find a car. I'm just having a hard time right now because my life has been nuts busy.

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dethtoll said:

I fucking dare you to prove how any of what I said, outside of the pure subjectivity of the weather, was wrong.

Uh uh. He dared ya.

"I-N-B-4"...you shitpost all the time...you're an idiot...blahblahblah

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