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Rock It! Electronic Edition v2.0

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If you remember this or even this, there is a new set of music put together/compiled for you all. All music was replaced, including title and other misc tracks.


Should work on nearly any port with MIDI support. Go ahead and use the tracks for your own projects as well.

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Sorry for the bump but got around to the track listing.

I will see what I can do about the track list by looking through the WAD file.


MAP01/E2M6 - House Music (Unknown)
MAP02 - A Place Long Forgotten (Unknown)
MAP03/E1M3 - Among the Space Dust (Unknown)
MAP04/E3M4 - Blinking Light (Maxime Tondreau)
MAP05/E3M2 - The Stones of Cartmanmania (Maxime Tondreau)
MAP06/E2M3 - Dead Men's Creek (Maxime Tondreau)
MAP07/E3M1 - Castles of Ice (Unknown)
MAP08/E2M2 - Evolutionary Tale (Unknown)
MAP09 - Chosen (Unknown)
MAP10/E1M1 - Electric Blue (Unknown)
MAP11/E3M4 - G-Man (MonChrMe)
MAP12/E2M5 - It's Easy (Unknown)
MAP13 - Music to Believe (Unknown)
MAP14/E1M5 - Welcome to Omega Prime (Maxime Tondreau)
MAP15 - Pulsar (Unknown)
MAP16/E3M6 - Electromancy (Unknown)
MAP17 - Rampage Virus (Maxime Tondreau)
MAP18/E2M4 - Quiet in the Library (Unknown)
MAP19/E1M7 - untitled (hjfgjhfgjhf)
MAP20 - Sky Call (Maxime Tondreau)
MAP21 - Sewer Gremlins (Unknown)
MAP22/E1M4 - Virus Lab (Maxime Tondreau)
MAP23/E1M6 - Secret Hermit (Unknown)
MAP24 - Song54 (Unknown)
MAP25/E2M1 - Stakeout (Unknown)
MAP26/E3M3 - Who Knows (Unknown)
MAP27/E2M7 - Supernatural (Unknown)
MAP28 - Opposing Forces (Unknown)
MAP29/E1M9 - Un Eco Revelador (Unknown)
MAP30/E2M8 - Surrender (Unknown)
MAP31 - Velocity An Ascent (Unknown)
MAP32/E2M9 - Snow Joke (Maxime Tondreau)

E1M2 - ???
E3M7 - Where no Light Falls (Unknown)
E3M8 - Salvation (Unknown)
E3M9 - Abnormality (Mikhail Alkhutov)

Doom 2 End Episode - Electrolysis (Matthew J. Drollinger)
Doom 2 Title - Through the Darkness (Unknown)
Doom 2 Intermission - Second March (March Harder) (Unknown)
Doom Intermission - Hell! (Maxime Tondreau)
Doom End Episode - Hero (Unknown)
Doom End Game - Death's Signature (Unknown)
Doom Title - Descent (Unknown)

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