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Sonic World Doom?

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While searching online for a completely different Doom mod I found this level set on a completely random web site that hosts Doom wads. I don't know who is working on it or how to contact them. I hope that someone here recognizes the map set and can direct me to the authors contact info. There is a few problems that I have found with it and I would like them to know about them.

I have played the level set with Mario Doom and I am currently playing it with GMOTA.

Here are a few screenshots:




On this platform I cannot get back. While using the jump pad my head hits the sky every time. At that moment I can see some really bad HOM.

Here is my version of the wad: (I renamed it when I inserted it into my wad folder)



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There is a server that currently hosts this on zandronum, and it keeps getting updated every now and then it appears. It's usually running with Samsara. If you happen to catch it online, try asking around there.

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