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Which monsters from Realm667 (or similar) would compliment Castlevania?

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I've looked at quiet a few different creatures spanning across Doom, Free doom and Heretic and I have a few ideas. I would like to hear what other people think because I'm not the only Castlevania fan around these parts.

Bottom Line: I need help! This project is pretty huge for my 2nd/3rd/4th/5th... map. Hopefully someone can see my vision! The maps are a bit cramped, but please be mindful that the player's movement speed is slowed down to a little faster than Doomguy's normal walking speed.

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Gameplay-wise, if you're trying to be mostly true to the Castlevania feel, you would want monsters with distinctive attack patterns that mostly require dodging to avoid. For the most part, hitscanners are probably a bad choice, and so are lock-on enemies like Arch-Viles. Anything that shoots projectiles or has a melee attack will probably fit the bill (and something with a charge attack like a Lost Soul could be particularly good). I'd stick with monsters that have a single attack for the standard enemies, and enemies with multiple attacks for mid-bosses or level-end bosses. If you really want to make a successful conversion, you'll want to make sure you at least know the basics of Decorate editing and not just rip all the monsters as-is.

Visually, you can probably use anything that doesn't have guns or cybernetic parts, and the Bestiary has plenty of enemies that are specifically medieval-themed. The Imp Warlord and the lion guy with the shield come straight to mind, although the latter is really annoying to fight with low-damage, rapid-fire weapons, so keep that in mind.

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Albertoni said:

I think a good Archvile replacement would be this one:

He "teleports" around, being invincible most of the time, then spawns and fires a projectile, and only during this time you can hit it.
That is, by Archvile replacement I mean a dangerous, fast and annoying monster.

I like him! He's in. I'm not shooting for Vanilla comp, so I don't need to replace the Archville, but I think he has cool look that somewhat fits in the theme.


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