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Honest opinion on map idea

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Hello everyone!

I'm not sure if this kind of post is acceptable but I wanted to try. I have a map idea that I have started on but I have a few reservations. Mainly I'm concerned if the idea has been over-done and if I'm wasting my time on this map, because it's going to be a lot of work.

Basically the concept is simple, survival but with the added "base simulator" aspect. You and up to three team-mates are in charge of the final security checkpoint before an important UAC location (I'm thinking maybe hospital).

Anyway, the demons are coming for all the innocents and you are the last line of defense. The map takes place in one medium sized room which is connected to a hallway (where the demons spawn). There is a large control panel at the center of the map which has the door control, if the demons reach that point they open the door to the facility you are guarding and the match ends.. Now here is where things get unique.

Due to the current war UAC is strapped for funds. You earn money by surviving rounds. With this money you can do a ton of things including upgrading the checkpoint.. Here are a few features:

1. Build barriers to slow or impede the demon progress and provide cover.
2. Create traps including walls of fire, lasers, and radioactive pools of waste.
3. Build the BFG turret XL5 and blast enemies! Ammo sold separately. This is basically a event that triggers a huge explosion where the demons come from that can take a lot out.
4. Call weapon support from the UAC (summons any random weapon except rocket launcher or BFG, including attachment variants).
5. Quick-Heal 1000 - Walk over the device and if you have the required funds you will be instantly healed.
6. Unleash Brutus - Purchase a personal Demon bodyguard.
7. RocketSafe - Secret safe that is lacking power. Unlock the secret of powering the safes terminal so you can purchase the Rocket Launcher.

Obviously funds are awarded in this match. I am choosing to make Funds a team-shared resource to encourage team work (and because its not CoD zombies). The end of each round you are awarded funds by the UAC based on how many enemies were killed and the type. The team must work together to spend the funds so everyone has a chance.

Special bonus if you build 100% of base objects.

Also worth nothing that all rounds will be custom created. (Necessary to award the proper amount of funds). I'm shooting for around 50 rounds if I have the memory required. Early rounds have 15 second break and later rounds will increase to 30.

I would like to know if this idea has been worn out, if it sounds good and if there are any suggestions to improve. It's a big undertaking to add some many buildable features in the base so I want to make sure people will play it.

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I like the sound of it mate. I've made a custom wave map with 99 waves. So it can be done.
Also i don't think your map HAS to be original. But if it does what oth3rs have done already but better it'll be good.
As long as it's fun.

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