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Showing message with 'display to activator only' set to false

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When you show a message, the "show" command has a "display to activator only" option that is set to false by default. And boy, have I run into problems with that. I have a lot of messages in my map, and some would show AT RANDOM TIMES AND PLACES when they are not even being triggered. A message in a module far, far away from the player would suddenly pop up in the player's current module.

This happen to audio objects too. I have 2D audio from a far-away module suddenly replacing the audio in the player's current module.

But when I set "display to activator only" to true, the problem goes away.

Now my problem becomes having to make the change in the untold number of messages and audios in my map!

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Not sure if you're aware, but 2D audio and messages aren't module-based at all. 2D audio plays regardless where you are (versus 3D audio, which exists in "3D" space) and messages have nothing to do with modules--they just show on-screen whenever they're called upon.

That being said... is it possible that a monster is triggering them? Have you tried using player filters so that only players can activate the volume/pressure plate/whatever triggers them?

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You're right on both counts. I was aware of the 2D/3D difference, but I missed the proper filter for the trigger, as per your second point.

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