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Blood : French Meat 2

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DMGUYDZ64 said:

Looks mostly good, but that concrete texture is awful. This building looks all flat and featureless, which completely ruins the effect of its cool circular shape.

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Wow this looks great!

I'm still holding on to hope for the xl engine with Blood support to actually happen. I was crushed when Jace Hall tried to revive Blood and basically got the finger from Atari :-/

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Oh sorry. Last I read he wasn't allowed to port it because of IP issues.

Edit: Wow i haven't seen the crowdfunding thing yet. I just remember a few years back when he initially stated he was trying to make some source port in the vein of ZDaemon and Atari shut him down, saying they would allow him to release the source code for $1,000,000 or something along those lines. Been a few years as I said. But I'm MORE than willing to make a nice donation toward reviving Blood! One of my FAVORITE games ever made :D:D:D

But to revive the franchise would take some very VERY careful people. Blood is a one of a kind game that seriously floods itself in it's own atmosphere. I feel it would have to be very morbid and very smartass and witty just like the original. Or if they were to take a more serious approach it would have to be a pretty twisted story with awesome gameplay. Sort of like the new Doom but it wouldn't be able to pull off anything like the arenas. Would be awesome to see this game live.. again ;)

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