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Laughter Is The Best Medicine

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A guy from my country singing Fear of the Dark in a talent show. And you wonder: <<How bad could it be?>>. And I answer to you: It is awful and I am disgraced as an Iron Maiden fan for this. But we laughed are asses out in my school, the first time we watched it, so enjoy!!!

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I'm sure most of you are aware of the "it runs Doom" meme, but this one I had never seen: Doom running on a MacBook Pro touch bar



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What does the famous superhero Captain Obvious say when he arrives?


I'm here.


What does his nemesis, Dr. Oblivious say in response?



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1 hour ago, dmg_64 said:

Eeee, what's funny about that.

The violent parts, because that's not what would normally be expected to happen on a cooking show.

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If it hasn't been posted here already.... now it has been:




Youtube suggested I watch it... so I did and many laughs were had, but then I started thinking why would they recommend this to me just out of the blue? Then I saw Tommy Luazo and realized 6 weeks ago I had been to this thread and watched that Tommy movie trailer. Then after watching this now my "recommended videos" are all full of Tommy Luazo!


Thanks Doomworld!

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