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Can't figure out how to use gus patches in zdoom

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gus_patchdir (string)
Default: ""

Defines the path in which to search for GUS patches. This is in addition to the system default of %ULTRADIR%/midi.

So, in my zdoom ini I type on a new line, gus_patchdir, then point it to a folder? Is the system default for patches meant to be a folder called "ultradir" then a sub-folder called midi?

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%ULTRAMID% is an environment variable. Most likely, it will not exist on your computer (you'd need to have installed the pilot to a Gravis Ultrasound card for it to exist, which is becoming more and more unlikely as time passes). But if it does happen to exist, then ZDoom can use it.

For the rest of your question:

GUS patches can be used by three of ZDoom's soft synths: the GUS emulation, WildMIDI, and TiMidity++. The gus_patchdir variable is for setting up GUS patches for the GUS emulation, so you'll have to use that as your softsynth of choice.

And yes, the patchdir must point to a folder on your computer, a folder that contains all the required .PAT files.

I will again mention this little thing I made. You can edit it as appropriate to tailor it to what you have installed on your PC as far as patch sets and soundfonts are concerned.

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Lol, did you double post in this thread, then edited out one of your posts to apologize for it, but a mod deleted the other one of your posts it the meantime, so that the actual post is nowhere to be seen now? I'm not sure if that's what happened here, but it would be a hilarious shame if it was.

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