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A simple way to make gamepad controls much better (PC only)

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Inb4 "lol, playing Doom with gamepad". I found a simple way to improve gamepad controls for the game significally.

So first thing first you need a way to remap buttons on your gamepad. There is no way to do this ingame aside some predefined settings, so consoles are out of luck (unless there IS a way, I dunno lol, I play on PC). So you see, in Doom L3 button is unused. What you have to do is to simply map jump on L3. For example, I use Dualshock 4 and DS4Windows program which lets me bind virtual xbox gamepad A button (jump in Doom) to my Dualshock's L3. And voila, the game plays much better. You can easily do the same crazy air maneuvers you thought you need a mouse to do.

Also one of the ingame control schemes lets you map jump on L1, it is nice too, but jumping and using a weapon mod at the same time is less fluid this way.

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Steam Controller, fuckers and fuckerettes :-3 . If there's one game that bulky bastard was made for, it's DOOM. Left grip button for crouching, right for jumping.

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