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Knee Deep in the Dead UV-Max (E1M1-E1M8) in 19:44 (ep1-1944)

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Knee Deep in the Dead (E1M1-E1M8) UV-Max in 19:44

Youtube link.

Finally got it! Was shooting to beat Vile's final Compet-N time for EP1 but not using Compet-N timing rules and including M8 in the episode time. His route is insanely fast for M1-M7, and is still incredibly difficult to beat. However I personally dislike disregarding a map on an episode due to the archaic rules based on being unable to see that final maps time. Vile's record still stands, rightfully so, but I did come within 30 seconds of it, so I am proud of that.

Anyways, I included 3 other notable exits alongside my final time. Had a good few more but they were invalid for one reason or another or quite slow by comparison (like 26's and 27's), so I fed them to the bin.

If you suffer from motion sickness, I would advise you to turn the demo playback smoothing on and set the factor to at least 3. I recently increased my mouse DPI and my aim and movement have become quite twitchy as a result.

Enjoy the demo, I am going to get some well deserved sleep.


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Masters of the Universe. I love watching you guys play. Amazing stuff! I feel like I have to work really hard at it and I take my time. You guys just max at will, though I'm sure a good run took some time.

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Congratulations this is a great achievement and holds it's own merit as a complete map 1-8 record.

However I do not agree with using this as a comparison of beating Vile's classic record. The reality is this run only beat him by 1 sec on 2 of the 8 maps that he was specifically optimizing. Also this is ~20-30 secs slower in general when you take out the final map he wasn't trying to optimize. Seems a bit disrespectful to be replacing his run as #1 spot on the DSDA leaderboard for that.

No doubt you earned my respect with this great run but to gain my full respect someone would have to beat Vile's 18:18 maps 01-07 time. If you keep trying I'm sure you will get there...

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I think the best thing to do is list this as the official D1EP1 Record and the old records should be categorized separately as "other". I don't like the old CN rules and I believe we should keep the records categorized differently so we no longer have to compare to Vile's record as the benchmark to beat.

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I agree with splitting off the episode runs. It's less confusing that way and people can compete where they want to if they're so inclined. Probably kind of annoying for Andy though.

They also could just be marked m1-m7 or something in the comment section, and people could see the best one marked that way for that record.

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I would agree with that sentiment, seeing as the original timing for compet-n rules differs in regards to handling M8 times. (aka completely ignoring them)

I didn't mean to come off as saying I was better than Vile (hint: I ain't), but I guess I should clarify my titling and information provided. Thanks for your praise by the way, I appreciate it.

I may try to do a true demo attempt then for beating the M1-M7 times. However I can't reiterate enough how insanely difficult that has proven, and will continue to prove, to be.

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