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Please help me solve AI problem

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Hello everyone.

Recently I created a map called "Hold the Line". It's a survival map that is made up of a large room and connecting hallway. All demons spawn in the hallway. One of the upgrades a player can but is a Baron named Brutus.. I have had so many problems with him.

The basic problem is that regardless of what I do all he wants to do is camp in the hallway right inside the demon spawn. Now this is typically okay at first because he does a good job of thinning out the herd and distracts most demons except the hell Knights who seem to ignore him and sprint out of the hallway.

The problem happens later. Once a player buys traps like poison gas and the fire wall it's impossible to go into the hallway without death. The point of the traps is to weaken and slow demons before they get out of the spawn and it works great - except for Brutus. The problem isn't the damage he takes from the traps (he has a ton of health) but the fact that he seems to like going to the very back of the hallway, out of sight. This can pose a problem when he gets into a fight with a boss as neither will die for quite some time. If the player doesn't have an explosive weapon they can't reach the boss and hence they must wait.

I've tried everything to keep Brutus out of the hallway and simply waiting till the demons leave the spawn. I tried adding a defense AI point and setting the range far less than the spawn and Brutus will obey at first then he will slowly move closer and closer then he's in the hallway and most likely he's going to camp the spawn till he's dead.

How can I keep him in one module?? Is there any potential logic out there that will do this? I don't want him leaving.

I'm working on a new map and I'm afraid if I can't fix this he won't be included which is a shame because he's a really fun part of the map.

One idea I had was to try to create some type of terminal that can be used to "call" him back when the player wants. Is this possible? Can you teleport a demon? Any other ideas that don't require this.. I just don't want him going into other modules.

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You know I thought about that but first I wanted to see if there was another solution..

Do you have any idea why the "on hurt" doesn't work? Is it just healing him one time when he is hurt but not over and over?

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Jesric1029 said:

Do you have any idea why the "on hurt" doesn't work? Is it just healing him one time when he is hurt but not over and over?

That's what I was trying to figure out... that's really weird.

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I wondered if maybe he was glitching out. There are a lot of demons in a small area (12 including him) plus a ton of FX.. So either the heal on hurt isn't working or it is working but the other demons are doing more than 1000hp per hit.. Doubtful..

I'm going to try your solution.

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