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Need help with difficulty mod project

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So basically, I have this idea for a mod, tentatively called "Double Doom".

Every monster has roughly twice the health, speed is slightly tweaked for some enemies (no Pinky on crack), but the player has twice the ammo capacity and I have also increased the health/armor cap to 999 each.

However, since I am pretty much a newcomer to Doom modding, I still struggle with some aspects. I am currently using WhackEd4 and I have yet to figure out the following things:

1. How to convert DEH file to WAD or PK3? What is the best format?

2. How to edit weapon stats? I know the damage of projectiles can be edited, but what about hitscan weapons?

3. How to make enemies attack more often?

4. Finally, what do I have to do to add the Super Shotgun to The Ultimate Doom? Is there a way to make it randomly spawn in place of the regular Shotgun?

Thanks in advance!

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1. Make a lump called "DEHACKED" inside your wad and import the .deh file into it.
2. Damage or accuracy of hitscan weapons cannot be edited via DEHACKED.
3. Decrease the durations of his attack states.
4. You must make the weapon completely replace one of existing weapons. Not only randomization is not possible in vanilla DEHACKED, but vanilla Ultimate Doom specifically disables the SSG's weapon slot.

Finally, if you want to make gameplay mods, your ideal platform is ZDoom and its DECORATE. It's easier to edit for and has many more features and much higher flexibility in comparison to DEHACKED. The downside is that your mod will then only be compatible with modern ZDoom based ports.

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DECORATE is (like DEHACKED) fully text based and (unlike DEHACKED) designed to be actually intuitive in text mode, so all you need is a Notepad. However, if you edit DECORATE lumps within SLADE3 and choose "DECORATE" in the "Text Language" box, it highlights DECORATE syntax, which can be useful. I don't think there is any specific "DECORATE maker" kind of a program.

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I see. What I meant by intuitive is WhackEd4 is pretty good at telling what is what.

Anyway, I will check out SLADE3. Thanks!

Okay, I have a hard time finding my way with DECORATE. As such, I am going to try something much simpler...

What exactly do I have to do to, say, increase the health/armor cap to 999? I want the armor and health bonuses to count even when I am at 200/200. Can you help me with that?

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