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Shadow over the Pathoras DEMO Released+trailer

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The story takes place in year 1650, when Ferdinand III. sents a naval officer William Wolf to England due to and important business. He gives him a ship and an assistent Klaus Werber. They get caught by storm on the way there, so they decide to anchor on nearby island. What they don't realise is, that the island is a part of empire named Pathoras, where 20 years before a tragedy took place, when miners found an entrance to the hell. Shortly after a 10 years long war started against "invaders from beneath". Citizens of Pathoras lost the war and the vampire family by the name Darkan started to rule in Pathoras. William finds an old mine on the shore of the island, but when he enters the cave, the entrance caves in. He must find out, what happened to the country and help the people, who still want to fight...

Demo includes: 15 maps+2 secret maps ,6 weapons

Use Gzdoom 2.1.1 or better

TRAILER https://youtu.be/IT72rv9T-f8


patch for better music from Hexen64 and ps1 (run this with the mod):




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