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Replacing/Removing actors using ACS

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So there is a few ways to replace actors that already on map using DECORATE or Random Spawner or MAPINFO Difficulty, but i'm interested specificly in ACS script.

How could i replace actors that already on map using OPEN script, by their DoomEd number, or by their actorname?

I'm looking for something like that:

Script 900 OPEN
if (CheckActorClass(0, "Pistol"))
" Thing_replace("Pistol", "Shotgun") "

I'v tried to find anything that similar to the above command but no success.

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In ACS, you can only identify things (in order to do something with them) based on their Tags aka TIDs, not by their editor numbers or classnames. I also don't think you can make an ACS script be automatically run as activated by each thing in a map. So, there is no ACS-only method to do what you want, unless you edit the maps to give Tags to the things you want to replace, and then make your script manipulate things with these Tags.

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