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Hold The Line! (Upgrade your base, 80+ custom waves, please give feedback!)

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Hello everyone!

TJ8FAC4Y - Map Code

I just completed work on my 4th map and I dare say it's quite addictive. (I've played 3 hours on it). The premise is simple, survive as many rounds as possible. (Rounds are tracked on the Hud).

What makes this map special is the unique way I approached survival. I get bored of maps where the demons spawn around you and all you do is run around shooting, I wanted more.

The map is made up as a simple end-cap room and hallway where the demons spawn. This means that huge amounts of demons pour out of the hallway creating a unique survival experience where you know where the demons are coming from, you have the tools to wreak havoc on them it's just that there as so many.

So here is what makes it unique. Your base can be seriously upgraded. Each round awards "funds" at the end which can be used to purchase a ton of things which I'll highlight below - There are around 40 rounds each harder but rewards more funds.

-BFG Mk 7 Turret - Large turret that can be fired for funds. Causes a massive explosion near the demon spawn that will kill all but the strongest targets.

-Quik-Heal 6000 - You can build this device for a fee. When build you can simply walk on the device to fully heal. Device has 30 second cool down.

-Reloading Station - Self explanatory. Contains respawning ammo can be built.

-Overwatch - Perched high above the demon spawn, building the Overwatch gives you cover from enemy projectiles and a great place to snipe or shoot rockets.

-Portal - Building the portal creates two teleporters that will transport you from the safer upper deck where the BFG turret and Overwatch are located to the lower level where the reloading station and quik-heal machine can be found.

-Brutus Teleporter - Teleports Brutus to the battlefield to aid you. While he is strong and hardy he is not invincible so choose wisely when you call him.

-Weapon Request Machine - For a fee, instantly spawns any weapon or variant to you excluding the BFG and Launcher (can be purchase separately).

-Firewall - Creates a wall of fire leading out of the demon spawn.

-Steam Defense - Creates dangerous steam on the stairs leading to the upper deck.

-Hallway Gas - Spawns toxic gas inside the demon spawn - Consider it a greeting for them!

-Exploding barrels - Several types of exploding barrels can be built that re-spawn.

-Can also purchase grenades, armor, a random perk or for a higher cost quad-damage.

If people enjoy this I plan to create a larger map with even more things to build and more waves. The logic for this was insane as you will see by the images below. Since every wave is custom I had to decide what demons to add and then calculate how much funds to award based on the demons. I also had to add to a round counter every time, it was a lot of work but fun to make and fun to play.. I still have not beat the final round.






Please give feedback!

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Congratulations on a brilliant map! I played it, enjoyed it and won it. This is the sort of starting map id Software should of released to demonstrate not only the potential of Snapmap but the fun you can have as well. It definitely earned my up vote, which I rarely do for Snapmap creations.

I'm the highest scorer so far ;) (Some Call Me Tim). I do believe the other players didn't succeed as of yet.

If I could throw some recommendations:

1. Need a variety of radio music, possibly dynamic where it changes based on Boss encounters and wave intensity. Alternatively you can allow the player to cycle through songs themselves.

2. I would like the option to choose the weapon I purchase. However you keep and encourage the random weapon buy via keeping it a lower price for a random chance. So instead of buying the Heavy Assault Rifle for say 3,000 credits the player can instead try his luck for 1,000 credits and get the gun via that method.

3. Co-op, this can be a great co-op game if you modify the difficulty and/or prices based on how many players join. Just a 2 player mode would be sufficient.

4. I unlocked everything except Brutus (I saved up for a BFG instead), as I wasn't actually sure how many rounds there were. On my hud I believed it reached a maximum of 40. I was relived when it ended there as the map would of dragged way too long if I had to fight through another 40 with increasing intensity. Perhaps a small hud message to inform you what round you're on after every 5 rounds would be nice. That or adjust the hud tracker.

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Thanks for your response! I just checked the leaderboard and saw that you had 200k points which I think is more than I got (I couldn't beat the map, died on final battle).

Smart choice about Brutus. He's more of a Gimmick he rocks for a little while then he's dead and your still out the money.

Also thanks for your suggestions. This map was sort of an experiment to see if anyone would be interested in playing it. I had so much fun making it and playing that I'm already working on part 2 and I certainly plan to incorporate all your suggestions (especially the music and choosing your weapons).

Perhaps the biggest addition to the new map is a giant custom built bunker that players can camp in. The arena is much bigger and I'm going to try to make everything have more value. (so the turret is a one time price to build but can only fire every 30 seconds).

I'm also going to add co-op support where you earn 50% more funds for each additional player, money is still a team resource because it's easier an then people don't have to worry about being kill greedy.

I'm also hoping to add a feature where the player can transform into a demon for a price, their funds will slowly decrease while transformed.

The arena is a great deal bigger but the concept will be the same - Lots of demons coming from a small area. I want to have close to 200 waves but I'll give the player far more things to buy with their funds and the higher level stuff will be extremely OP. (Respawning quad damage for example)..

Here is a preview:


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Typically the weekends is when I test out other maps. During the week, I'm usually too busy creating my own. I'll try to get to yours this weekend.

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Thanks! I'm working on a new version that is going to have 61 rounds and over 120 waves as well as a total of 700,000 funds that can be earned and spent on a whole bunch of neat stuff. I also built a massive bunker but before I keep putting more work into it I'm really hoping for more feedback so I know what to improve from hold the line..

So far I got more music options, ability to buy specific guns, more money if you have 2 players all of which I'm incorporating.

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Hey Jesric, here's my first impressions.

At first I thought it was a tower defense map, but then I realized it wasn't. I think it could easily make it one as well, though.

That said, it's a fun map. The options are a bit sparse, and on replaying I don't know if I would buy any of the barriers besides overwatch. It seemed that was the best place to be no matter the creature. I also thought that the health and ammo were something I had to continually buy, not a one-off. I think my confusion came in because I used the weapon first, and that was a station I had to keep buying things from.

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Thanks for playing!

The options were kind of sparse. I'm working on a new version that will be a lot bigger and offer the ability to buy specific weapons and also upgrade the character with equipment. It will also have 60 rounds and be a bit slower in the earlier rounds. Also adding support for 2 players or more where you get extra funds if you have more than one player. Adding bonus rounds and achievements that give unique rewards.

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