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Custom arenas

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One of Snapmap's shortcomings is the paltry sum of arenas, setpieces, and likes. These are the places we do battles, and they are probably the most important elements in a map. But if you play a lot of user-uploaded maps, those places start to look familiar because there aren't that many such places for the map designers to use. Therefore, I have the idea of creating custom arenas out of existing smaller modules -- hallways, u-bends, 90-bends, t-joints, and crosses. That way we can create something FRESH. The challenge is to make the pieces fit together so the result is a self-contained area that is viable for shoot-outs. This will also use a lot more resources due to the need to use multiple modules and create your own lock-down logic and spawn logic. You also will have to forgo some of the unique visual and audio elements that the original arenas provide. In my future maps, I will definitely give it a go. I'm getting tired of seeing the same places over and over again.

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