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firstmap.wad (DOOM II)

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The usual advice: when you post a map, provide at least one screenshot, and most importantly of all, mention what source port it was designed for and tested with.

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Here's a skill 4 complevel 9 FDA:


Looks like the red door doesn't work in PrBoom+ so I had to stop there :(

From what I saw, the aesthetics weren't great, but I enjoyed the gameplay.

I appreciated the attempt at a tech/computery theme, but it was all very blue and undetailed and bright.

The ammo and health balance was well done and made the PE/archvile fight interesting.

Edit: also, I made the demon and lost soul fight more interesting than it really is because you can just leave the room and fight through the door ;)

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Overall the monster balance is good. Though the looks of the wad is rather bland. I would suggest taking time learning the program (setting up traps and such) before uploading it publicly. There is nothing worse then someone being a nob over your wad. So learn the program and don't release it publicly until you feel like it is done.I usually look at other wads, and see what I can take from that design. (Factory, hell, outside theme etc) I hope I don't come off as harsh. Just know, no matter how hard you've worked on wad there's going to be that one nob who calls it bad. (Happened to me recently, even though that said nob couldn't place textures down properly) Oh and a suggestion, I can imagine people feeling that your wad is more half arsed if it is simply called "Firstmap.wad".

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