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Is there such a program that allows you to open multiple folders in one application?

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Does anyone know of such a program? This would make loading multiple .wad/pk3 files a lot easier. Having 3-4 folders open is a bit of a clusterphuck.

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NoobBait said:

Clover gives you internet browser-styled tabs, if that's what you mean.

Neat! This should make my life a lot easier...

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That seems like it could be useful, but I'm looking for something more like... I don't even know.

Edit: This is a huge image. Sorry. I thought it would resize.


(Early Release)

It would act like a table that just keeps everything in a neat straight line so I don't have to have multiple files open and arranged strategically to find certain files. (When loading custom stuff.)

I just found out that you can search multiple file extensions within a folder and its sub-folders.

Typing, "*.pk3 OR *.wad" into a parent directory will search those files in all sub directories. So... I guess I don't really need a program like that after all. In Windows 7 you can use, "Libraries", but I'm not sure how that works yet.

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In windows file explorer... view -> options -> general -> open each folder in its own window


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