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Why creating custom architecture might be a PITA

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So everyone and their grandma wants a proper editor but I think it is time to discuss some possible limitations and hurdles.

In Doom 2016, monsters such as imps can climb on ledges or jump on them or jump from one ledge to another. If we make new architecture won't we have to make changes to the animations and AI? I mean if I make my custom pillar it would be very strange if an imp were able to climb one made by Id but not by the players, especially if the stock pillar and the player-made pillar are in the same room.

Wouldn't we basically be forced to make monsters confined to the floor and thus lose a lot of what made Doom 2016 interesting?

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The actual campaign maps probably have special collision volumes inside the pillars and that's what the imps can actually cling to, the same way snapmap requires you to place player block volumes inside of crates and such if you want them to actually be able to mantle them.

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