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Munitions boxes?

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What's up with the munitions boxes? I make coop maps and have them set to "any player" but not every player can open them. Is this a glitch or am I missing something?

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Do you mean no one can open them at all or just the first time? That is really strange. I think an alternative would be to create 4 on top of each other assigned to each player..

Also to the other poster isn't it possible to re-enable the box using a timer or is it really just one time use then it's done??

That's an example of some missing logic. We should be able to take an item or object and use a loop to make it spawn on a variety of circumstances over and over.

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No only player one can open them and others can't. But they are all set to any player. And it's weird in some levels anyone can open them in others they can't. Even though I have them set up the same way.

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