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Here, have some maps

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Hi all

Have been working on a bit of a solo project, started around Christmas time and worked on and off up until about March, producing 3 little maps for you all to enjoy, and I felt a bit mean keeping them all to myself.

The maps are limit-removing, and require the CC4-tex pack, mainly for some better rock textures and a few more flats.

Can I ask that you play them all continuously, as I've tried to balance them this way. They are tight on ammo and health, promoting a slower play style- if this is not your thing then look away now. The first 2 maps have skill settings, but have not implemented them into the third one yet

Have got some plans for a fourth (and maybe a few more), but need to brush up on dehacked knowledge and source a couple of new sprites for a couple of custom monsters.

Here's some pics anyway, 'cause I've seen you guys get grumpy if there's not something to look at first!

(MAP01) The approach

(MAP02) Jailbreak

(MAP03) Animal testing



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Here's a 45-min long FDA: http://www.mediafire.com/download/gjy5vvv8rsa4mmc/approach2_rdwpa_fda.lmp

I eventually accumulated a lot of health/ammo, after the tightness stemming from map01's forced sub-11% health exit. Haha, I liked that.

There was one spot in map02 with an unknowable number of pinkies in a pit, blocking descent. Annoying. The "you can't use most doors and you have to go find switches" aspect also irritated me. Favorite bit of gameplay was the maze in map03 with HKs.

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Cheers rdwpa, I see from that demo that there are a couple of changes to be made. That was some careful playing right there!

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Played this, here's the continuous FDA: https://www.mediafire.com/?805pj5g6tjc0mt0. It's like 25-mins long.

Pretty good maps overall I think. Didn't feel like the maps forced me to play slower than what I would find comfortable at least, which is good of course, though perhaps the high number of hitscan enemies did promote being alert. The beginning of the second map has to be taken carefully of course since you start with very little health but after that I hardly felt that health or ammo would be particularly tight. I was ready to hate the maze with a passion but you managed to put in just enough enemies there to make it interesting yet not annoying. In regards to the pinkie pit in map02 I'll echo rdwpa's thoughts; that is extremely annoying and it would have been such a shit way to die.

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