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A voice for Freedoomguy

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Thanks, Voltcom9.

SeventhSentinel, do you have the original 16-bit versions? I can convert them to 8-bit in such a way that they won't get that awful white noise added to it.

Speaking of that, I've been thinking of cleaning up many existing sounds with this problem.

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22050Hz, mono, 16-bit. They clip quite a bit; I'm not sure if that's a real issue here. I'll redo NOWAY and OOF in the morning (they're not included above, I think I lost the 16-bit versions, oops).

EDIT: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cx4y85ofeojzsgd/FD_voice2.zip?dl=0 <-- New NOWAY and OOF, all source files included.

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Really liking these; it's nice to hear Freedoomguy with his own unified set of voice clips instead of a bunch from what feels like a bunch of sources. (IIRC currently the player death sound is the same as one of the monster death sounds; that is odd to hear, to say the least)

The new OOF and NOWAY are much better than your previous take, too!

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