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Q. Updates? A. Updates!

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The wait was (or felt) long and arduous, but according to id Software's Marty Stratton, a series of updates for Doom 2016 will be coming very soon. Updates such as:

  • Id Software taking back Multiplayer from Certain Affinity, fixing the many problems involved with hackers and other silliness, and also adding multiplayer AI bots for players to practice with.
  • Updates to Snapmap including hell-themed modules for SnapMap levels and the ability to carry more than two weapons like in the campaign.Patience is a virtue, my friends. When exactly these updates are coming is not yet confirmed, but the word that these things are coming shortly will likely ensure a healthy and long-lasting future for Doom 2016.

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    Nice to see they are on the ball. SnapMap is still a glorified mario maker for FPS though and no updates will fix that.

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    While many like to criticize Snapmap - and they're mostly for good reasons, I think most of the editor is quite clever and flexible. What I could do in Snapmap within 10 seconds is a script that would take me hours to learn for Doom Builder, it's very noob friendly and most people are noobs in that realm.

    We all know this of course, but what I want to point out is how close it is to being amazing. Give us more variety in modules, props, scripting functionality, support for making single player maps and a bit more flexibility with level design and Snapmap could very well be one of the greatest to date. The only real downside is how we will never get to see custom imported textures, sounds or music. But it's not impossible to eventually receive an internal tool to significantly modify the wall shapes, textures and colours.

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    princetontiger said:

    Why can't we just admit that recreating the past greatness of Doom II is impossible?

    Agreed, and I think the majority expect this with sequals or remakes and such. And then it's a huge disappointment when it isn't the same or similar. I liked Doom 3 for example but the majority didn't.

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