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ZDaemon Thursday Night Survival #253 - Jiffy Bag

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This week we'll deliver to you a collection of 32 maps by Jimmy, the author of Jenesis, The Adventures of Square and many awesome Doom MIDIs. The maps are mostly short with low monster counts but don't worry, we got that covered! We're starting the session with fast monsters, 2x monster damage AND pistol start on every map. Hope you'll come prepared.

The mapset still didn't have a final release so your critiques and possible bug reports are welcome in the WAD thread.

DMFLAGS: 1174487140 / 806496256 / 0
IWAD: doom2 or freedoom080
PWADs: j-jiffy-rc2
Maps: 01-15, 31, 32, 16-30
Lives: 1
Players: 25/100
Item Respawn Time: 60 Seconds
Player Join Limit: 3 Minutes

Date: 16th June 2016

Euro session: 19:00 BST/14:00 EDT at Ducks, Czech Republic (usually lasts 6-8 hours, sometimes much longer)

Get ZDaemon and join in.

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This session was a bit special because it introduced 2 new modes into our already pretty varied collection:

Random weapons - For a given interval all players can only use one randomly selected weapon. At the end of the interval another weapon is randomly selected and all previous are removed. Fist and pistol (except when berserk is selected) are available at all times.

Tyson - players spawn with berserk and pistol and these are the only weapons they get to use throughout the whole rota :)

Some stuff will be tweaked with these new modes in the future but they already work well and certainly proved to be fun.

Session statistics follow:

First blood:
JCD | shot by a sergeant 5 seconds after joining

First blood in subsequent rotas:
2nd rota (random weapons and -fast): ErisFalling | in MAP02, mutated 39 seconds after joining
(MAP01 was done without -fast.)
3rd rota (Tyson): Malfunction | shot by a sergeant 17 seconds after joining

Peak server population:

Overall number of players that connected during the session:

Player death counts by obituaries (1st rota/2nd rota/3rd rota):

    23 died. (12/11/0)
    57 mutated. (25/14/18‌)
    19 were squished. (5/7/7)
    11 went boom. (4/4/3)
    19 should have stood back. (5/14/0)
    11 were killed by a zombieman. (7/2/2)
    86 were shot by a sergeant. (40/14/32)
    86 were perforated by a chaingunner. (42/20/24)
    12 were slashed by an imp. (2/4/6)
    107 were burned by an imp. (68/34/5)
    17 were bit by a demon. (10/6/1)
    24 were eaten by a spectre. (8/11/5)
    52 were spooked by a lost soul. (15/25/12)
    5 got too close to a cacodemon. (0/1/4)
    53 were smitten by a cacodemon. (16/13/24)
    15 were punched by a revenant. (1/2/12)
    123 couldn't evade a revenant's fireball. (64/19/40)
    69 were squashed by a mancubus. (19/20/30)
    1 let an arachnotron get him/her. (0/0/1)
    12 were gutted by a Hell Knight. (0/5/7)
    85 were splayed by a Hell Knight. (43/26/16)
    8 were ripped open by a Baron of Hell. (0/3/5)
    30 were bruised by a Baron of Hell. (15/10/5)
    59 were incinerated by an archvile. (19/13/27)
    0 stood in awe of the spider demon. (0/0/0)
    3 were splattered by a cyberdemon. (1/2/0)
    1 met a Nazi. (0/0/1)
    988 deaths overall. (421/280/287)
Session lasted for 9 hours and 22 minutes and ended in the 3rd rota with the last map played being MAP16. Last finished map was MAP32.

top 10 players with most deaths (deaths/joins, death ratio):

fred512          74/96,  77.08%
Keyboard_Doomer  72/115, 62.61%
ErisFalling      54/63,  85.71%
DaIcemann76      49/78,  62.82%
Malfunction      41/54,  75.93%
Bardur           35/47,  74.47%
sid0rv           35/57,  61.40%
rhinoduck        34/49,  69.39%
assmonging       24/29,  82.76%
memfis           24/38,  63.16%

Bloodite's substitute for the session:
Ziutek            8/43,  18.60%

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Ziutek said:

Thanks for this. :D

MAP05 - What the hell is going on with the brown brick textures there. There should not be that many windows full of corpses. o_O
MAP11 - "he's a music decomposer" lol
MAP12 - Ziutek checking the map name after I said "blame Alfonzo for it" :P
MAP23 - yeah this was something alright. Wrong sky, those crushers...
MAP25 - whoops player starts. my bad D:
MAP27 - I was hoping someone would find the face :P
MAP29/30 - still didn't quite understand the suicide bombers... also 30 was handled surprisingly well, considering that exit room. :~)
MAP32 - lost souls holy shit. Also this really is the worst. why is that map even in here.

Good fun! Looks like there's not a huge amount I have to fix for ZDaemon, anyway. Player starts and skies seem to be a bit more of a problem than I'm pleased to admit, though. :/

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Surprised at my death ratio, thought it would be around 95%

Jimmy said:

MAP29/30 - still didn't quite understand the suicide bombers...

Probably manually placed, since we can do that, but I don't know who it was. We're more reigned in with that sort of thing than we used to be! :P

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Eris Falling said:

Probably manually placed, since we can do that, but I don't know who it was.

That was probably me (Malfunction), I just couldn't resist saltying around in an inaccessible part of a map. Sorry I guess ;p

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