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My attempt at a MiniDOOM speed run, No Deaths

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So a few weeks ago I launched MiniDOOM and it did quite well. So I made a sort of Speedrun of it.

MiniDOOM Ultra-Violence, no deaths 21:48

I thought it was quite fun and god damn hard to do, considering I know the game inside out.
So my main focus throughout was not to die and get all the secret backpacks. Each backpack will increase your max ammo of all kinds, and they do stack. But if you die you will lose this bonus. This can be really useful in the last boss fight, since it’s really tough and having many BFG ammo can help kill the smaller enemies. The downside is that you can’t use death warping. It is a safer way to play, so you don’t lose time on an unintended death, but probably slower for a more skilled player.

Anyway here is the link to the game in case anyone wants to try it out:


(if your just having fun, some of the old cheat codes work on normal difficulty ;] )

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For a shameless self-plug... this looks pretty damn awesome, heh.

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dew said:

For a shameless self-plug... this looks pretty damn awesome, heh.

Haha very true. Well I made this video 3 weeks ago and I really wanted to share it somewhere. I think it has value as a fun game to Speedrun, it's short and true to the Doom formula.

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