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(2) New SnapMaps - Check 'em out

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I've been a gamer since I was about 13. Now my 13-year-old is snap mapping, proud poppa moment.

I told him it doesn't matter how many Thumbs Up you get, you make maps for the joy of creating. Snap Map aint perfect, but it does let you get ideas out pretty quickly.

Please check these out and provide any feedback.

X4T9ZP35 : What Would You Rather?
AHL53WDH : Boba Fett's Palace

Thanks, guys.

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It is VERY encouraging that at such young age your son shows interest in not only playing video games, but creating material for it. Video games can be repetitive and hypnotic in an unhealthy way, especially to young people. Snapmap turns them from passive participants to active ones by stimulating their minds and opening up their creativity. I'm voting your son's maps thumbs up just for being motivated enough to do this.

This is an important subject for me. I've seen a lot of kids whose childhood was adversely affected by the kind of video games that not only don't stimulate their minds, but dull their senses and thinking. The industry thinks violent games are harmful. But the most harmful ones are the repetitive, monotonous, hypnotic ones where you do the same thing over and over, which isn't good for anyone's mental health.

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Thanks Freak for the reply.

I agree completely, creativity is key for that age, and this module is really a great tool. Lots of ppl are bitching about SnapMap's limitations but I think it's a great start for customization. I envision a SnapMap "Pro" eventually coming out where you can create your own modules, custom models, texture / sound import, etc. Doom 5 ??!

I'm working on a snapmap myself, I'm very close to completion, I will let you know when it's uploaded. Thanks again for writing back.

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