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Doom Builder Control Suggestion

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Let me preface this by saying I use the no-longer maintained DB2 because I'm afraid of change or who moved my cheese or some Freudian thing like that, I'm sure. Though I have been meaning to upgrade for some time now. So if this is already a GZDB feature then oops.

I was wondering if it'd be possible to have a separation between right-mouse-button holding and clicking, as there is for the LMB, while in Visual Mode, as well as the option to customize its use. I was thinking it'd be nice for my general laziness to be able to move the camera as WASD would do, but with the mouse so I could do something else with my left hand while I look around in Visual Mode and I notice holding the RMB does nothing but "click" on whatever your are hovering over when you release the button.

Of course this is mostly a question for MaxED, but anyone else can feel free to chime in to chastise me for my laziness or tell me it's already in GZDB.

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What I think DB2 needs is some kind of texture palette, similar to the 'edit selection' window whereby you can close/open it at will and its not too intrusive in the main editing window. You'd be able to pick a few textures and flats for use in the window or palette, and click/press a pre defined button in the 3d view to instantly apply the texture to the highlighted (not selected) visible linedef or flat as applicable. This'd be good for outdoor rocky areas where you want to use a few different rock flats/textures, but selecting them all via 2d or 3d mode would be more time consuming, or for anywhere where you're using a general texture theme. I honestly think the above would shave a couple of days of time off mapping for me

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