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the doom down under website

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Have you ever been to the Doom Down Under website? It is the one and only site about Underworld TC. Beta 3 will be out soon. Some of the links may not work correctly right now (as well as the hit counter), but most everything should work fine.
Go there:
The Doom Down Under Website

NOTE: This is a message mainly about the TC itself, not really the website, since the website is about the TC. (and some of my other projects)

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Right now I've started with some more lighting tricks and detail upping. So after going over my levels and fixing them up more, making levels 7 and 10 (10 is already started), doing some other things, and getting the finished map08 from SlayeR, I'll be able to release Beta 3.
Yay!!!... and all that will be left is making the other levels and some new textures and enemies (maybe guns as well).

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