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Is it possible to replace Doomguy's DSSLOP sound specifically?

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I'm working on a mod that replaces doomguy and instead of getting gibbed the player explodes in a puff of smoke. Is there some way to replace the DSSLOP sound for the player and not replace it for the monsters that get gibbed? I've also never done any sort of scripting for Doom (which I would assume is necessary) so any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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In ZDoom, you can do that in SNDINFO with the line:

$playersound player male *gibbed INSERT_YOUR_SOUND_LUMP_HERE

For Eternity, you'll want an ESNDINFO lump with something like this; if I understand the doc right:
sound PlayerSlop
  skinindex      sk_slop

For other ports I'm less familiar with, check their documentation.

For vanilla/Boom/PrBoom+:
Nope. You can't.
    {SPR_PLAY,14,5,{NULL},S_PLAY_XDIE2,0,0},	// S_PLAY_XDIE1
    {SPR_PLAY,15,5,{A_XScream},S_PLAY_XDIE3,0,0},	// S_PLAY_XDIE2
    {SPR_PLAY,16,5,{A_Fall},S_PLAY_XDIE4,0,0},	// S_PLAY_XDIE3
    {SPR_PLAY,17,5,{NULL},S_PLAY_XDIE5,0,0},	// S_PLAY_XDIE4
    {SPR_PLAY,18,5,{NULL},S_PLAY_XDIE6,0,0},	// S_PLAY_XDIE5
    {SPR_PLAY,19,5,{NULL},S_PLAY_XDIE7,0,0},	// S_PLAY_XDIE6
    {SPR_PLAY,20,5,{NULL},S_PLAY_XDIE8,0,0},	// S_PLAY_XDIE7
    {SPR_PLAY,21,5,{NULL},S_PLAY_XDIE9,0,0},	// S_PLAY_XDIE8
    {SPR_PLAY,22,-1,{NULL},S_NULL,0,0},	// S_PLAY_XDIE9
void A_XScream (mobj_t* actor)
    S_StartSound (actor, sfx_slop);	
You could use DeHackEd to change the player codepointer in PLAY_XDIE2 to A_PlayerScream, and name your sound DSPLDETH, but then you won't have a normal player death sound, so it's a tradeoff.

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Or you could use DEHACKED to change the codepointer in state 166 to "StartFire", and name your sound "DSFLAMST". (It's an unused Archvile sound. I'm not sure if some ports change Archvile's behavior to use the sound. If you want to be extra sure that Archvile won't play this sound in any port, change the codepointer in state 281 to "Fire".)

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Yeah I've done that too in ZDoom/GZDoom. I've set it up so it it's the Doomguy's XDeath scream cut off by a explosive gibbing sound that I edited in Audacity. Goes well with the gibbed statbar face animation from Jaguar/PSX Doom.

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