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Mop Bucket Challenge --- LW4ARB8H

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Hello Doomers,

I'm proud to announce the release of my latest creation, Mop Bucket Challenge.

Your goal is to survive while locating the 20 mop buckets placed throughout the map. I utilized integers, integer compares, sequencer and a few other advanced logic techniques.

This will be the first of a series of challenge maps... I'm hoping to get some feedback so I can improve my map making.

Please try it out and let me know what you think, thank you.


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Hey guys, I'm about to start another map, but I was really looking forward to a little feedback on my Mop Bucket. Do I need to post screen shots before someone will try it? It's no work of art, but I think you'll enjoy it.

Please give it a look-see ... LW4ARB8H

Thanks again.

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Linguica said:

Don't worry, most of those pageviews are search engine crawlers and spambots probing for weaknesses

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I'll be the angelic player that gave your map a shot. You had the time to make it, i'll have the time to play it! SO....

I got stuck.

Gameplay: 2/5 – Basic. Can’t say anything I haven’t seen in other maps
Difficulty: 2/5 – Again, simple. Was pretty straightforward. The most challenging fight was against the Cacodemons/Hellrazers.
Map Design: 3/5 – Simple stuff, but the light bridge was a very nice touch! However I did NOT find the red key, so I had no way to progress. So I went back, exited, and died by ZugZug. Made it up to 15 buckets.
Sound: 1/5 – No music. I don’t know why. Made this map a lot more dull than it shouldn’t have been.
Uniqueness: 3/5 – It’s a simple “get all 20 X,” but I actually replayed the map just to see the death options! That was unfortunately the best part of the map.
Technicality: 3/5 – No respawning weapons, and weapons are lost after death, which lead to me just having a shotty.

It needs music. BADLY. It was also tough to find some buckets. try installing a radar of sort using the volume trigger, then when entered, it makes a sound! It can help in finding buckets. Also the red key. Make it easier to find, please!

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Thank you for the review.

The music starts after you get 19.

I initially thought about some sort of locator, but figured that would make them too easy to find. I get what you're suggesting about a trigger, I think a giant cylinder that will sound off as you're in range of a bucket, and getting that bucket will remove the trigger. Great suggestion.

Each key is near a color that matches the key color, so go find some red and you will find the red card.

Good idea with respawning weapons, I will definitely make that happen next time.

Again thank you for the review, very good pointers, and I appreciate your time.


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