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deth question

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ehh, it appears i'm a bit rusty at deth. how can i merge two sectors? or can deth not do this automatically (if i select the two sectors first)?

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Linguica said:

Linedef mode, select all the linedefs connecting the 2, then go F8, 6 I believe.


/me gives linguica a hug

i didnt expect to find it under linedef mode :)

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If that messes up you can always just select all the linedef's and manually change their sector assignment.
Then run the error checks to get rid of the unused sector number.

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I select the linedef that separates the two sectors, go to the misc pull-down menu, and choose delete linedef and join sectors. If it's multiple linedefs I just select a vertex between them and go to misc and delete vertex and join linedefs until I'm down to one linedef separating the sectors.

Or what Big Al said, especially if I'm making two separates areas the same sector.

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