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Why won't my custom gun replace the pistol?

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The question is in the title!

What I have done is managed to make a working gun, that somewhat mimics the pistol used in GTA 1. It shoots the projectiles I want it to, has the right sounds, uses up ammo nicely and so on. But as the title says, I can't figure out how to make it replace the default pistol, I can replace the chainsaw for example...but as I only want one pistol for my GTA map, I'd rather the default be replaced.

This top line "Actor GTAGUN : Weapon Replaces Pistol" Doesn't do it...I have tried a million combinations and words. However "Actor GTAGUN : Weapon Replaces Chaingun" will work, and I can run over and pick it up.

So why won't it replace the pistol? Does it have another name I am missing?

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You have to give the weapon to the player.


By default the player gets these things:

Player.StartItem "Pistol"
Player.StartItem "Fist"
Player.StartItem "Clip", 50.

So what you want is:

Player.StartItem "GTAGUN"
Player.StartItem "Fist"
Player.StartItem [whatever]

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Remember: "Replaces" does not remove an object definition from existence (this is impossible), it replaces it as a spawn alias. The actual Pistol still exists, and is very much in the same slot, meanwhile your new weapon has not slot number at all and anything that explicitly references the pistol (the player class assignments for example) will still always refer to it.

The only time "replaces" has any effect is when the map spawns an object and references a classname.

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Yeah I figured as much, I might not know all of the intricacies but I felt that replace isn't really replace, more like a swap out.

But yeah, it has worked. My map has at least one custom weapon in it now. Thanks!

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