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[Resources] Killing Time Graphics/Sounds

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PC/Mac Killing Time graphics, sprites, and sounds all in one massive archive, courtesy of my buddy Ect0. Plus some meager weapon rips from the 3DO version by me. He's working on the 3DO graphics next I believe, but he has a busy schedule, so don't hold your breath.

Here's how some of the 3DO guns and PC pickups look in action. Might need some color adjustments by more photoshop-savvy folks.

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Never played the game, but it always looked kinda interesting. Saw some YouTube videos of it a while back and while it didn't look very fun, it did have some cool sprites and story. Cool to see some sprites usable for it for Doom. Good stuff! Only thing I gotta say is that I would've liked to have seen some of the less standard weapons in action.

Wonder how long til someone unofficially mashes this up with the 5,000 random classes in that unofficial version of Samsara floating around the Zand servers.

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