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Marty Stratton: "You'll be able to link maps to create campaigns"

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If you can connect maps to create your own campaign and have the weapon wheel I suspect there would be a choice to include specific ammo pickups, save games and heath/armour/ammo carry over.

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It's kind of weird how much better coverage the German press is doing. A sixteen minute unedited interview on a newly-released game in this day in age? That's a complete 180 after all the secrecy back before release. Kind of a shame Doom VR isn't the whole game and from what Bucket (?) has said the game actually works surprisingly well when used with an injector, but eh, fair enough.

I kind of like Stratton as a sort of face of the company, he's very succinct and doesn't feel at all like a PR guy as much as Willits. It's also nice to see he's pretty enthusiastic about this whole thing.

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