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Join |TAW| The Art of Warfare for clean gameplay and a great community

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Are you looking for a large community of world-wide players?
Are you looking for a good, fun time when you play?
Do you like multiplayer and snapmap?

Whether or not you said yes or no to any of these questions, come check out TAW. Our clan has been around, growing, and actively participating in the gaming community for 15 years.

TAW is not like most clans which focus primarily on one game at a time. As of the time of writing this, we fully support 34 games with 12 more games currently in testing on whether or not they have a home in The Art of Warfare. Doom is one of these 12 games that is currently being tested. Our hope is that Doom will launch fully supported within TAW with multiple teams for both competitive play and casual, including snapmap.

Our clan is also slightly different from the rest, in the sense that our clan is set up in a military style. Now before you leave after hearing we are military like, let me explain. The person in charge of TAW is called the Commander-in-Chief is elected by every member of TAW, currently 2800. The CIC is then followed by the Army Commander, who is in charge of every fully launched game as well as all the games in testing, and the Support Commander who is in charge of everything that isn't a game. I tell you all of this in a way to sort of explain that we are a very well organized clan, where everyone has their own responsibilities. I myself am a Spin-up-Leader, the one in charge of running our Doom unit. This puts me in charge of posting in forums, finding other people in the community who want to play, and basically everything that a clan leader from a single game supported clan does. This structure is what has allowed us to grow and thrive for the past 15 years. I do so hope that this has given some, if not all, of you an idea of who we are, what we do, and who I am.

Our Doom group, |TAW| Doom, holds weekly events where we squad up and play through our own members snapmaps for testing, and play multiplayer to have both a good time and work on our own skills as gamers. Granted, our Doom group is not nearly as large as other Doom groups which have popped up, but that is attributed to our ruling of wanting members who can and are willing to participate in our weekly events and are 15+ years old. We hold one event a week on Sunday @ 3pm EST.

If you are at all interested in joining, have any questions, or anything else regarding myself or The Art of Warfare, please feel free to email me at taw.ryco@gmail.com or reply to this post. Our website is taw.net, and is also linked as my homepage on my profile here. If you would just like to play with us, but don't know if you want to join, or have no care to join, also let me know as everyone is invited to join in our events and play with us whenever. You can also find me on Steam as |TAW| Ryco.

Thank you for your time, and hope to see many of you in the future.

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Hey Ryco!

I'm from Hell League and I just wanna say great job on this group! The thing is even if we're from different groups - we should still work together to keep the multiplayer as active as we can!

Now that the more casual guys are moving on to other games, those that stay will usually be those who are willing to stay long term. Not only should we have clan VS together we should also play together also I reckon :D just a bunch of Doom fans getting together having a good time!

Do you guys have plans for a Steam Group page?? That would be awesome because it makes it easier for players to join while in-game, just send invites etc.

Good luck with the group bro :) we're all in this together! I still have to get back to you about that invite to a session together, hopefully my buddy gets in contact soon unless he already has talked to you.

In fact, I'll add you on Steam now anyway lol


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We do actually have a Steam Group, link here. It does need to be updated a little bit however. I did also get your friend request on Steam. I will still continue to contact you on here for the most part so that others can see that there is communication between clans, and a level of cooperation between the two.



P.S Like I said, we're military oriented, so yeah that is Major. Rank just shows level of time and commitment within TAW as well as the position that you're in.

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We here in the Doom Division of The Art of Warfare are constantly growing and improving both our personal skill, as well as the skill of a coordinated team. As always, we have no limit as to the numbers to which can support, and thus are always on the lookout for new members. We require no specific K/D ratio, as this is one of the more commonly asked questions prior to applying and joining. If you would like to be part of an international gaming organisation, come on over to taw.net and join us.

Check out our first recorded practice, this clip here is of one of the more intense matches between two of our squads. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9PQewrbjcY

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Oh hey SM4CKY, I hope you stick around, Doomworld Is a pretty cool place =D. I'll have to hope on soon and play with yall again soon.

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The Unto Evil DLC has now been out for a couple of weeks. What are your impressions on it? Are you looking for more people to play the DLC with? We here in TAW do play the DLC maps and are always looking for more people to join us. Come on down to The Art of Warfare, and play with one of the most widespread Clans there is today stretching across 40+ games with 2800+ members across the world!

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