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Kontra Kommando

UAC Command Post - Alpha 1

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I have spent the past couple days creating my first map on Snap Map. I am happy to say, that it was a very enjoyable experience. I look forward to creating a lot more maps in the future, particularly focused on single-player. Once the update comes to create true single-player maps, I will endeavor to make a whole campaign.

Below are some snapshots of the level I have created, "UAC Command Post-Alpha 1". I focused the level design to force the player to explore the map in order to make progress. Initially, there are several different paths you can choose in order to allocate keys and power cords. Moreover, you will need to backtrack, from time to time, in order to totally complete an area. I have disabled the items from being dropped by monster. You have to search for ammunition boxes, primarily for health, ammo, and armor. Though there is a low frequency of each spawning randomly. There are plenty of waves, and mini boss battles to contend with, so I have provided an adequate amount of fire power, to deal with each altercation. There's several different ways you can approach this level. Some paths are more dangerous than others.

Check out some screen shots:

Check it out, I would like to hear your feedback!

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I have just finished it.

The level is "a maze-ing" -- I mean the blueprint looks simple, but I have lost my way quite a few times. I think that is the main reason that there are only 3 scores on the leaderboard so far (2 being me and you), people just gave up on it. I had to roam around to look for the blue powercore. The rooms are too repetitive, more variety in using the modules would help. But overall, it is a good try to avoid linear maps. At least I like to explore and hate that most maps are one-way.

The only thing that annoyed me: weapons don't respawn. I died 3 times. Once it happened when getting locked up (locked down, whatever) with 2 barons... I snuffed it as the room was too small to run around (they simply jump), then respawned without my weapons, and the rocket launcher was not there anymore, so I had to go against them with a naked shotgun.

Apart from that, the level can be done with the only help of the double-barrel (if we spare the ammo), maybe the only exception is the arena with the barrels o'fun.

I voted up as this is a level that I would replay. Thank you. :)

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I see GOOD POTENTIAL IN THIS MAP, but DAMN, the problems it's got makes it, well, dull.

Gameplay: 2/5 – Basic battles. But too many barren rooms on where they’re places. Also the lack of music really hamper down the battles’ entertainment.
Difficulty: 2/5 – Not a huge challenge, except that baron battle. But the battles can be easy or hard depending if you kept the best guns. It sucks damn hard that the guns do NOT respawn, and you don’t keep any gun after death!
Map Design: 2/5 – I like how much of a labyrinth the map is, but the lack of music and a lot of props REALLY makes each trek through of the rooms lackluster.
Sound: 1/5 – MUSIC. I need SOMETHING TO HEAR. Doesn’t have to be music, it could be ambience. BUT GOD, I got bored of this map fast! I didn’t even finish it!
Uniqueness: 2/5 – I like the map layout, but it’s just too boring to play it without music. The enemy encounters are also pretty basic.
Technicality: 2/5 – This map SERIOUSLY needs to keep weapon on death, and/or have guns respawn. Cause I kept dying due to my own stupidity, and kept every fight with pretty much only the shotty.

Weapon kept after death; music; and a bit more enemies, and i'll give this map another go, with a better review (i hope). Good first try, honestly. I'm not here to belittle, but i'm here to teach you how to make a better map. You GOT good ideas, it's just some of the kink's need ironing. Once those issues i got are out of the way, this map will be GREAT!

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