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Can't hurt each other in multiplayer.

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So me and my friend are having trouble with my map, we can't hurt each other.

In the map using GZDoom Builder, I had placed 8 CO-OP starts for people to play that mode, I unchecked deathmatch mode and left cooperative mode checked. Then I placed some deathmatch starts down, all unchecked in cooperative but checked in deathmatch.

However, when we load up and play even if we load deathmatch mode, it loads up the cooperative mode instead and we can't hurt each other.

If I play singleplayer I can hurt my clones...but in multiplayer no damage seems to happen...I don't quite understand.

Anybody got any ideas as to what the problem is? Its been befuddling us all morning.

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This has nothing to do with flags of things in the map, but with the way how you setup your particular deathmatch game. Assuming you are starting the server via Doomseeker, check the tab called "Flags" in the "Create Server" window. If you are using a different launcher, similar options must be there as well.

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Ahh ok. Forgot about Doomseeker. We were using ZDL, I'm quite unfamiliar with it on the hosting side. I noticed there were sections for command parameters, but I was always unaware of setting any DM flags.

*Has evidently never hosted deathmatch before, still haven't really I was connecting to him.*

But we will try Doomseeker, if the options are any more clearer there.

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You have horribly mislabeled your thread. Your issue isn't that you can't hurt each other, your issue is you can't start deathmatch mode. Posting your launch command-line would be a good start for diagnosing your issue.

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Yeah I figured we were loading into co-op, but really didn't know why.

I'm somebody who has never really played deathmatch games, at least not in any recent years. And ZDL is fine for when we want to play co-op, no problems just works.

As you know, when we select deathmatch mode in ZDL, it still brings us to co-op mode...not really expecting this, all these command lines are sort of a new thing to deal with now.

I tested it on my own, I loaded it up with some command lines and it did work, well the command lines worked, I hope it put me in deathmatch too. So I'm hoping it will when I try it with my friend again.

So I got a handful of lines, put them in and here's a screenshot of that

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You spelt deathmatch wrong. You spelt it "deathmath"; I mean math can be deadly to some people but that's probably not what you want.

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Edward850 said:

I mean math can be deadly to some people but that's probably not what you want.

Isn't that, ultimately, what deathmatch is, and for that matter all PvP in video games and most tabletop games?

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Ahh cool, I think I got the settings down better now. I changed a few flags in the game after wiping the slate clean and copied the numbers into the flag slots, now they work all the time.

About to see if it will load deathmatch with my friend soon.


And it keeps loading co-op mode. I don't know why, we tell it to load deathmatch mode...but at least the flags work so that's cool. I also notice that if I take out any player 1 things, it wont load at all....not even if there are deathmatch things for the players. Perhaps I need a player 1 and the rest be deathmatch guys.

*Edit again*

Nope, this is really getting to me now. Been working on this map for nearly a year and it can't be played competitively. Why won't it load deathmatch and what can I do to make it do so?

I would try Doomseeker but that doesn't like GZDoom sourceport. Can't use Zandronum as it keeps getting a memory leak because the map is a bit too big for it.

It's cool, figured it all out. The damage scale was all the way down...totally forgot about that entirely.

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