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Whoa. I just had the most awesome dream...

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Gawd, I can't believe it! Last night, I dreamed of Doom 3!!! Yes, that's right. OMG, it was awesome!!! That has got to be one of the sweetest dreams of my entire life. Geez, it may not be coming out for another year, but I've actually gotten to try it out. It was incredible. Okay, first off, I didn't really dream of terribly fancy graphics, but everything did look very real and all of the monsters were based off of what I have seen from the video. It's weird now that I think about it, because I've only seen screenshots from the video, but who cares? Of course, there were some differences between my dream and the actual game, but it was close enough. First off, in my dream, it was like I was actually in the game, holding the gun, ect., so I could physically interact with the environment. Secondly, it took place on a giant spaceship. Finally, my "shotgun" was a James Bond style spy gun that looked like a pen, but it could hold 8 shotgun shells, which fired by pressing the metal part at the top which lets you hang it from a pocket or something. Other than those, it was pretty close to what I imagine the game will be, even if not perfect. The funny thing is, this happened to me once before, back before Age of Empires II came out, and other than some similar odd differences, it turned out to be pretty darn close to the actual game. Now, I think I shall get on with the dream.

Okay, it starts off, I'm on a large space ship, when suddenly, there's this demonic growl. Then, out of nowhere, a lost soul comes hurtling through the vacuum of space and smashes into a window. That's when the zombies start teleporting on board. I run out of the room into a hallway in case that lost soul breaks through the glass, and I turn a corner to see a small trash can where I find the "shotgun" and a few shells, as well as a megasphere (why these items were thrown away is beyond me, but oh well, on with the dream). I take my weapons, blast a couple zombies at the end of the hall, and run back to the corner where there's a door. It leads to someone's sleeping quarters, where the couple there have evidently been zombified. I blast them, and continuing down the hall, start going into every room and blasting the zombies. About two doors down, I encounter something terrifying. The room has once again occupied by zombies, but these ones are much more mutated than the others. I blast them, but they just keep coming. Apparently, they have been so altered that death has lost its meaning to them, and the only way to stop them is to cause so much damage that they cannot move. I continue to shoot, during which time they become very bloody. One of my shots knocks over one of them, but that appears only to anger it, because it gets back on its feet and lunges at me, which thanks to the fact that it is uncoordinated, I am able to dodge. After I don't know how many shots, they finally go down, I leave and continue down the hall, and I find a plasma rifle. In the next door, I find two more zombies like the previous two, and I opt for the plasma rifle. I begin blasting, and pretty soon I've burned most of the flesh off of one's skull, but it appears to be no good, and I don't have enough ammo to keep shooting forever, so I turn and begin running down the hall. At the end of it, I am swarmed by several zombies and a couple lost souls. I start shooting, and have to actually physically fight them off, but they overpower me, and that's it. It gets kind of fuzzy after that, but later I remember loading two pen shotguns preparing for more action, planning to use them at the same time like an improvised super shotgun. Finally, there was another game scene, but it was similar to the first, blasting zombies, but my pen shotgun had been replaced by this small one-handed shotgun.

Okay, that may not be how Doom 3 will be design-wise, and there probably won't be super-zombies, but I imagine that the gameplay will be like what I experienced. It was really cool, except for the super-zombie part, and I would love to have a dream like that again.

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I had a dream about DOOM3 several weeks ago, too. In the dream, the Doomguy found a NPC who was still alive but helpless for some reason. The Doomguy told the guy to stay in a dark room while he had to go and do something. The Doomguy left, and shortly after that, a monster came out of the shadows into the room. This monster looked like the DOOM3 hell knight but with a mouth that resembled that of the DOOM3 mech-pinky. This demon walked up to the guy, all silently, and just bit his head off and swallowed it. That was scary.

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Fredrik ! You're back !

Anyway, the only Doom III dream I had wasn't terribly exciting. I wasn't even in it - I just saw other people (journalists, I assume) playing the game on some huge-ass monitors. All I remember is it had a LOT of tiled walls (kinda like RTCW's X-labs).

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geekmarine said:

Then, out of nowhere, a lost soul comes hurtling through the vacuum of space and smashes into a window

i know they look stupid, but that they are??!?!?

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