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GZDoom Builder is the best one. Doom Builder 2 still has a better map editor than SLADE3 does, IMO, but SLADE3 is constantly improving, while Doom Builder 2 isn't developed anymore. Finally, SLADE3 is also (and primarily) a wad content editor, allowing to add non-map-related content into wads (such as graphics or music), which neither Doom Builder 2 nor GZDoom Builder does.

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Both of them have their perks. GZDoom Builder has the fullest extent of mapping abilities, such as polyobjects, sector lighting, skybox viewpoints, and more.

SLADE3 on the other hand is the best way to add graphics and such to the WAD, which can then be placed into the map.

Long story short, use both. You'll have infinite mapping power with them together.

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