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Template map with all of my code. Single player and coop campaign rules.

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All the code you'll need to make a campaign style map that supports 1- 4 player coop.

Toy Box 1.0 - Template map with all of my code - ER9DM689

Further explanations of Ultimate Boss Wave.

This is all the code Ive used to make my campaign Cyber Hell https://www.doomworld.com/vb/snapmap/88891-cyber-hell-e1m5-1-4-player-co-op-campaign/

Any questions, suggestions or ideas hit me up.

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This is nice of you. Ill be checking out your wave logic. :) I've been tinkering with monster management myself.

The issue I ran into is that a) i'd like my wave to be finite (i.e. have a max monster count instead of just surviving a set time) and b) control how many active monsters a wave is allowed to manage. The latter being very important for both pacing (avoiding the bombs that "custom encounter" suffers so badly from) and it will allow you as designer the option to intersperse single spawns. I.e. if you set the max amount of monsters to be lower then 12 you are able to spawn a special demon on weapon pick up, mid fight, if you so desire because the monster ceiling is not met by default (as it is with custom encounters).

I don't think the preset spawners offer that currently. In the end I snapped something together myself which seems to work well enough. For now its single monster type but it does allow you to control:

- Total monster count of the encounter
- Max amount of monsters to be active at any time
- Spawn delay (time between spawns)
- Track how many monsters to go before wave finishes

Let me know if your interested and I could elaborate.

Either way thanks for sharing! Im certain this will benefit a lot of people. The way you set up keys for coop was very nice for example. I've seen "coop" maps break because that was missing.


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I recommend looking at the "Ultimate Boss Wave" I built in the Toy Box map. Its very much a curated wave. Also yes you can make it so a particular demon appears during your curated waves as long as you populated it with 11 monsters or less.

Ill try to get a video up tonight that further explains the wave system I built.

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Hey man, thanks for posting the break down. I appreciate it. :)

I think its a nice setup you have there. Interesting approach with the fodder as filler and using the classic AI director to realize it. It does mean that you have a leg up if you know the inner workings and just focus on killing the big guys as quick as possible but then thats what most players tend to intuitively do anyway.

I've downloaded your toybox to check it out in detail. I love to see how other people solve problems. No idea why you have zero replies apart from me. Its certainly not the content thats the problem.

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NEW!!! E1M6 Cyber Hell Reactor Core up and running.



Cyber Hell

E1M1 - UAC Foundry - N8CGFPQU - v2.0
E1M2 - Factory - R8QFXJYP - v2.0
E1M3 - Sub Basement - AUUSZMEH - v2.0
E1M4 - Central Processing - B5WM9GKM v2.0
E1M5 - Power Facility - 834TYNFL v2.0
E1M6 - Reactor Core - E4MV2Y7F v2.0

Toy Box 1.0 Cyber Hell Engine - Template map with all of my code - ER9DM689

Video overview of Ultimate Boss Wave

Doomworld Forum

Snapmap Hub

The Rules:
3 lives total (additional if level is more difficult)
2 gun slots (start with 2 guns)
Grenade equipped
Glory kills dump Ammo and Health
Armor is pickup only
1 Super Shotgun hidden in every level (1 time pickup with no item respawn)
Run Button - L3 (Ps4) Hold for constant boost, tap for 1 second of boost.

Cyber Hell Patch Notes:

2 guns (keep weapons on death)

3 lives (upped on difficulty)
L3 run button
HUD score for friendly competition.

More level to come @ #cyberhell

*Note not all of the code is up to date with the final rules of the campaign. Every level is 100% playable with checkpoints and waypoints.

Please let me know of any errors or glitches you run into.

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