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My Snapmap Campaign, 5 levels, tested!

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Hello Everyone,

I'm working on a 5 level Snapmap Campaign and I hope the levels are good and varied. Each Level has a different special feature. 2 maps are allready finished and the other 3 will come in next days.

All Maps are tested of course!

The Levels are for one player, one life (no respawn) and middle - hard degree of difficulty

1. Stage: TKQZWWNY (Stage 1 - factory)

Simpel. Find keycards, go throught the teleporter and kill the demons.

2. Stage: 8N9X9UT2 (Stage 2 - recycling facility)

One idea in the map that you never see bevor, the poison gas chamber. I promisse, you will be surpised ;-) .

I hope you will try my maps, enjoy them and give feedback what i can do better next time :-) .

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The next map is online now. It is a Horror Map and it calls "Stage 3 - Dark Corners".
I hope you will enjoy it. The Map is middle Hard.


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I Just tested the Dark corners map, It isn't that bad actually though too difficult to see where monsters are coming from, The first smoke section too and the hint to the secret near start, It's not the best thing i've played but it's good (up voted) .

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Next Level is online now, with a little horror at the beginning, action in the middle and tactical gameplay at the End.

Stage 4 - Weapon Laboratory

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All 5 Level are finish and online.

- Every Level has another particularity
- Difficult: medium - hard
- Playtime: 10 - 20 Minutes for one Level
- Every Level is tested and has no bugs

Stage 1 - Factory: TKQZWWNY
Stage 2 - Recycling facility: 8N9X9UT2
Stage 3 - Dark Corners: AN5MAULD
Stage 4 - Weapon Laboratory: BGLZHS2T
Stage 5 - Inferno: AHG5DWA5

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