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Destiny Calls

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Unravel the secrets of the unknown...

"Stranger, if you are reading this, turn around this instant. Get back to the base. Take everyone back to earth and don’t ever return. I don’t know why I didn’t listen to Christian. But now it is too late. For him and for me. I’m sorry my friend."

Story and background

Destiny calls (previously known as Ring of Fire 3) is a horror/mystery/adventure style wad for Zandronum with 15 maps. It combines the pure action of Doom, the Horror of Doom 3 and the climbing/jumping/puzzle elements of Tomb raider. The maps feature a total of 4 different themes.
for single and cooperative play.

Destiny calls takes place right after the invasion of the mars bases. UAC managed to successfully evacuate the bases, but UAC is not allowed to return to mars to secure the planet and rebuild the bases. However, There is still one thing that remains: The secret delta complex. These remote bases housed a super secret project, with only insiders knowing what was exactly going on there. All the communications with the delta complex have been cut off during the attack. Leaving it in total isolation. The faith of the inhabitants of the base is still unknown. It is assumed that everyone is dead; no attempt to communicate with the outside world has been made. Since everyone who knew about the secret projects is gone, the exact nature of the projects is unknown. The only thing that is known is that the discoveries made here are shocking and ground breaking. In order to investigate the base, UAC pays 50 million US dollars to the team of marines that are brave enough to make the trip. You are (obviously) one of them.

This mod contains additional weapons, enemies, sounds to make it complete. It also contains a lot of different mechanics such as a unique ladder climbing system, moveable objects, original puzzles that sometimes require some thought. It also contains some Tomb Raider style traps such as rolling boulders, so watch out! Dynamic lights and 3D floors are extensively used, which makes this mod a strict OpenGL only mod. There are 13 maps plus 2 secret maps.


Additionally, there are also some gameplay vids on ModDB.


On ModDB: http://www.moddb.com/mods/destiny-calls

How to play

The best way to play is to unpack the zip in your Zandronum folder and then just click on destinycalls.bat, and it should fire up. It also contains a manual which contains some important stuff that you may want to quickly scroll through before you play. Should you ever get stuck there is also a small walkthrough for the most difficult parts so if you don't know what to do at a certain point there should be the info you need. Also make sure that you are playing in opengl with dynamic lights and models turned on. If you are not sure it's on just type gl_use_models 1 in console.

Unfortunately this mod is currently only compatible with the current stable Zandronum release for several reasons. This means it won't work in GDZdoom nor Zandronum 3.0 beta and even if you can get it to run, stuff will break.

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