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Core Overheat - Updated!

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Core Overheat 2.0


Hello again, I've been updating the map on my free time since the recent DOOM update went live and I just published it.

I followed the advice from the feedback I've got and I implemented some of those suggestions into the map; as well as adding some of the update's goodies, so now, the map now should play a little bit different.

I'll just use some Patch Notes to explain what's been done (Also because Patch Notes are fun)


- You are no longer limited to carry 2 weapons only, and indivual ammo has been added into the map.
- The map now holds more secrets than it did earlier
- Bosses have been improved, now the fight changes depending on the Boss' Health bar. (First one being a Mini-Boss, thrown there as an intruction)
- The map now holds a lot more detail than the previous version, a lot of Props, FX, Voices, Interactives were added.

And there you have it, I worked a little hard updating it, and I hope that you all enjoy the changes, or play it for the first time if that's the case.
Do let me know if you find anything odd, or if you have any feedback to give.


(Original post from June 20)

Hello, I've made this map around a week ago, and I'd like to share it with you people.

It's pretty straight forward map, very lineal and with difficulty that increases as you go through it. There's a couple secrets hidden in the map as well, while there's not too many, I'm sure they'll be helpful.

It was also made with an arcade feel to it: You increase your score by killing demons and also by finding the secrets. You lose some of that score simply by dying.

Here's how it looks from the Edit mode:

I hope you enjoy it. Feedback is always appreciated!

Here are some other screenshots, just for good measure

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Enjoyed the progression very much. Liked how you implemented periods of calm in between fights. Liked the secrets and I especially enjoyed the fight with the baron's near the end. The space was well suited to them unlike the baron's you meet in most snapmaps who are put in way too small spaces to be actually enjoyable. With that said, the cacodemons were an excellent match for the verticality of the core module as well.


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Played it and enjoyed it. Some nice pacing and events with more than enough ammo / pickups to keep a capable player going without a single death. Maybe too much in fact.

There's just a few suggestions I have:

1. Take advantage of the Facility Speaker / Vega dialogue of "Core Levels Unstable" - there are a few variants to complement the objective of this map. I would say it's a missed opportunity. Perhaps it's better off to gradually stabilize the Core like in the Campaign.

2. Some rooms look barricaded or locked from the player for no apparent reason. Although I'm unsure if they are secrets, as I only found the Bazooka. But it's best to use them for something, even it's just to hold a few items the player can pickup.

3. When you press the button you had to navigate back - good thing you included a point of interest marker to assist the player however I say you should use that barricaded off room as a teleport to conveniently transport the player closer to his objective.

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Good work! Some more visual and sound customisation would be nice to add.... As for gameplay it's GREAT!

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