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Hurt the player

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Ok can any of you lovely people help me out. Creating a solo player story level and i want it to start with the player out of ammo and low on health. Trouble is i can't seem to figure this out. I can have his max health reduced. That's easy. But how can i get it so he starts actually injured? I,ve tried several methods and none seem to work. I've tried simple method of on spawned hurt player. Nothing! Yet again a case of the logic connecting giving the appearance of it working. But wen i test he is at a full healthy 100%!
I have even put an explosion fx on him that triggers as he spawns. It doesn't hurt the player.
Is there a spawn shield active? Why won't these methods work?
Has anybody else tried to achieve this? And if you know how. Pleeeeeeeease share!

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Well, its definitely weird. Feels like spawn protection to me. One of the many bizarre quirks of snapmap.

All you need to do is delay the hurt. I.e. this works:

Just add a delay on the spawn event. For me it works with a delay of 0.9 seconds and up. I don't know if its dependent on how quick the level loads or match preparations so I would play it save.

Worst case scenario (but safest) is to have the player walk through a trigger (don't spawn him in it) for example by forcing him through a door before entering the level. Or tie it in with a teleport he needs to take to leave the room. Something creative. :)

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I got it set so that when player spawns it activates a camera showing back story. Then when a shot timer ex0ires switches back to the player and hurts them. Works well.

And i plan to have checkpoints so won't be an issue on hurting player everytime.

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