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looking to play doom with a group (clan or otherwise).

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I would like to play with a group of people who are committed to playing for an hour or more. It seems like as soon as you're muscling in on someone in Zandronum they quit when you get to close. People are coming in and out. People change colors. No big deal, really... I was just wondering if other people felt the same way? I like it for the competition, but I'm not overly competitive.

I have +4mbs upload speed so I think I might be okay as a host... I just haven't figured out how to do it yet - outside of LAN. I should be able to figure it out. I'd totally be into starting a clan.

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Clans are virtually dead or consist of people not worth playing with anyway (assholes, generic meme-trolls, people who think being retarded is something to be proud of, etc). Nonetheless, refer to this topic for a basic run-down of who's around. Other than Doomkid's group, found on quakenet.org's irc server in #dmstuff, you will only find consistent play (dm, ctf, lms, or otherwise) with clans and loose-knit clans/associate (such as the A3 TS group which consists of non-clan players as well as players from A3 and MXU[which is a mapping group]). You might also try #deathmatch in zandronum IRC.

If you'd like to play with a clan I recommend reading this in addition to appearing regularly in CTF and duel servers, as well as maybe posting here. The most active clans right now are probably A3 (Cube), E (Exodus), I (Incredible), DRZ (Demon Riderz) and R (Renegades). All the information necessary can be found here.

As for hosting, don't waste your time and bandwidth with home-servers. Use a service like BE (operating out of Montreal, Canada) or TSPG(Various locations).

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