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My crowning achievement (Bunker 6) So much work, please take a look.

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Hello everyone!

Battle at Bunker 6


I just completed work on my fifth map. This one is special, I put a massive amount of time and energy into it so I really hope a couple of you can give it a chance and give me feedback.

This is like my previous survival map only with much more. I nearly maxed out the resources in an extremely small area and the logic train I think goes well over 200 or 300 objects in one place.

So on to the details! The objective of this map is to survive 60 rounds (all custom created by myself) with a ton of unique tools at your disposal. Every round awards funds which you can use to buy base defenses, player upgrades and equipment.. This map is jam packed with features and I think there are at least 30 things to spend your funds on with only 4 or 5 being standard weaons.. I think the features can better detail what I have done.


-60 custom rounds. (Most contain more than one wave). Includes boss rounds and bonus rounds to take a break from the surviving. All programmed in a nightmarish 200-300 object logic train that was literally hell to debug

-Teams share a pool of funds they can spend to improve their odds. As suggested co-op will reward 50% bonus funds payed every 5 rounds.

-There are 12+ base upgrades that range from toxic gas to a turret you can fire every 30 seconds (fully animated). 7 traps to damage/slow enemies and Brutus is back and improved. Pay for your Baron comrade (I promise you won't be dissapointed).

-Obviously by the name there is a bunker. The bunker as you see in the screenshot is 100% custom made and is like nothing I've seen. It gives you a great view of the enemy spawn. I used textured player-blocking volumes and demons can not shoot or move through the bunker walls! (That was the hard part).

-Perk machines that grant a variety of perks to the player. Machines are Speed Tea, Plastered, Hard Headed, Helping Hand, Gun Pro and there is a hidden machine.

-There are several secret achievements. Earning these grants access to a secret machine or weapon. I'll give you a hint on one - "Superhuman" - Buy all perks.

-Tons of barriers to build that may seem trivial but actually have a serious benefit.

-Radio choice.

-At round 60 you can end the game or keep playing in survival mode if you want to earn everything.

Now let me say a couple things. First, this map is lengthy to finish. I think 2 hours for all 60 rounds depending on your strategy l. It may seem to easy at first but I promise by round 25 things will become very hectic. Second, if you want a real challenge avoid buying the traps/Brutus and instead focus on the player upgrades. Last, I realize in the later rounds it does get too easy if you were good with your money . The map was huge and I didn't know how everything would work out till it was finished, so this is how it is.. I hope you enjoy the chaos and insanity of shooting turrets at enemies while Brutus is going at it but it isn't for everyone.

So now my questions - Please let me know what you think of upgrade costs. Should I modify anything? Is the light effects good, etc. I want to perfect this map so anything is helpful. Thanks and I can't wait to hear what you all think.






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Well if no one wants to play this can someone tell me what is unappealing about it? It's very frustrating that I spend so many hours but get no plays and when I play other maps that IMO are of a lower quality they have hundreds of likes.. Can someone tell me what I need to do to improve I want to get better but it's hard with no feedback at all.

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Alright here is a completely honest answer.

I just do not care for this kind of "endless wave" / "survival mode" / "upgrade your shit with shops" kind of maps.

I am certain its awesome, the logic looks scary etc etc. Its just not what I am interested in playing. At all.

Maybe if multiplayer for snapmap worked half decent but we all know its neigh on impossible to play snapmaps in mp unless you specifically set out with a group of friends to play a specific map.


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Thanks for your honesty. My old story based map got a pretty good amount of likes and plays but I really enjoy making this type of map. Maybe I should combine the two and have a map where there is a story.m but you can also buy updgrades. Does that sound more interesting?

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Survival maps are pretty flavor of the month right now. "Story" maps are nice because it's an experience that you playthrough and it's over. Survival maps require a group to play with in order to break up the monotony.

I don't think Doom is a good game for such maps. The AI is quite rudimentary, and the maps aren't open enough. Look at what doom is known for: quick single player action or quick multiplayer matches. This map is 2 hours long. It might help things if you included a "quit and save" anytime option, so the player can pop in and pop out and have his or her score and snap progress saved. Right now, no one is going to jump into a random snapmap and stay for 2 hours.

Just my 2 cents.

I mean, I really liked your previous version and I'll try this version. But without my buddies playing with me, I can see how it would get old fast (the game type).

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Jesric1029 said:

Thanks for your honesty. My old story based map got a pretty good amount of likes and plays but I really enjoy making this type of map. Maybe I should combine the two and have a map where there is a story.m but you can also buy updgrades. Does that sound more interesting?

I think the biggest issue is the sheer length of your map. as the guy above me said, 2 hours is just too long.

Why not combine survival + story? Between waves have story elements revealed, maybe take the player to new modules for each wave, and reveal parts of story in the process or something. Not sure 100% on what you should do, just throwing some not-so-fleshed out ideas in the mix.

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I think I'm going to try that once the updates are released. Your probably right about the length. I probably just made it too long but I never thought it would take that long until I tested it lol.

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The logic can get confusing. Originally the objects from both those images were in the very large observation arena module and it was easier. I had to move all the custom wave objects to the hallway because they were not spawning properly with the "in connected modules".

As far as how I kept track, I was careful to change the name of every wave to reflect the current round.

During testing if I encountered a problem I knew exactly what round was at fault. Then I could use the logic train mode to see exactly where it goes wrong. I probably had to do that about 15 times during testing. When you have that many objects and are creating them at 3 AM after a lot of beer it's easy to forget to connect the first and second waves of a round together. I also had to make sure to add 1 to the round counter at the right moment and make sure the play was actually rewarded their funds.. The most frustrating part though was getting the demons to spawn how I waned (as many at the same time as possible).

Here is how I originally had it. The module bug was really annoying. I had all the demon waves set to spawn in adjacent module (the small hallway) but for some reason they would only spawn 1 at a time in the same spot and only if the player was close (but not too close or they wouldn't spawn till the player moved). I tried everything but finally just moved the demon objects into the hallway. Here is how it looked before.


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