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Taking a break from Snapmapping

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After the great endeavor i undertook with Damnnation, i really wanted to make another wave-based map with improved everything!

But thanks to the recent announcement of new stuff coming to SnapMap, i decided to take a break. Why so?

Well since the new snapmap will obviously implement some game-changing additions, such as the weapon wheel, i thought that waiting on that to come out would benefit my map making opportunites. I don't want to spend another 5 hours on finding a solution i have with a certain logic issue, with just having the newest update solve that exact solution in 5 minutes. Also hell themes. I REALLY wanna eviscerate demons in there!

THAT and my PS plus account expire, so i gotta pork another $50 just to play Snapmap online again.

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They have already stated you won't be able to do that. Shame. But still cool to have new theme coming.

Really? Damn it. I wouldn't be surprised when the module is available it snaps into a single door opening like the Techbase modules. And if that's the case then a mix can work.

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