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Serge Jkn

Quake II: Zero Signal released!

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My free time is spent on Doom levels these days but a new Quake II mapset is a good surprise. Talked about it to the french community as there are a few people still interested in Q2SP.

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A very solid and fun level! The Rorshach textures fit the Strogg base style very well. The only questionable texture choice IMO are the brick walls, because they look a bit too human-made. But apart from that, great texturing and lighting.

The layout is nice and includes some secrets and exploring of side areas. So far I only discovered 1 secret.

I was a little confused because I didn't knew that I had to search a security pass before I can get the blue key. Which door was opened by the security pass? Anyway, after getting the security pass I travelled back to the first map and the spawned monsters pretty much guided the way to that dark area with the conduit were you reach the upper ledge. That area is a bit obscure, first I climbed up the ladder and had the impression there is a locked trapdoor above that might open later (the conduit entrance is not very noticable).

Monster placement was good and the final battle against the two supertanks was fun.

Recommended download!

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